Virtual payment cards offer an excellent solution for managing ad spend across various digital channels. Here’s why they are highly beneficial:

1. Card for each campaign: You can create dedicated virtual card for each advertising campaign. Whether it’s Google Ads, TikTok, or any other platform, you can have separate virtual cards, enhancing both – convenience and security.

2. Control and fraud reduction: Virtual cards provide flexible access levels and preset limits, granting you better control over your media purchases. By reducing the risk of fraud, you can minimize the chances of blocked accounts resulting from third-party cards. Our cards come with trusted BIN and 3D security measures specifically tailored for media buying.

3. Streamlined Ad account management: Easily oversee and modify your ad accounts using specific payment cards designated for advertising campaigns. It simplifies the management process and enables efficient monitoring of your campaigns across platforms like FacebookGoogleTikTok, and more.

4. Enhanced account security: Avoid account suspensions by using separate cards for different teams, platforms, or ad campaigns. By creating a dedicated virtual card for online #media buying, you can scale successful campaigns while maintaining account integrity.

“We can issue as many virtual cards as you need for your online media buying. The cards will be available right away after you order them online — you will only need to confirm your data,” says Ineta Kaulina, Head of Issuing Division.