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Account opening

Business Consumer
Account opening fee Free Free
The commission for the review of the documents and application processing. The commission is paid in advance and is not refundable in case of a negative decision or in case of non-provision of the requested information and / or documents. Free Free
The commisison for the urgent review of the documents for an opening of an account within 48 hours of submission of the complete documentation to Walletto. The commission is payable in advance and is not refundabale in the event of a negative decision or failure to submit the requested information and / or documents. 50.00 20.00
Opening of an additional payment account Free Free

Service and maintenance of the account

Business Consumer
Account balance fee Free Free
Account termination fee Free /
Free /
Inactive account maintenance fee *** 50.00 25.00
Account Statement
Account statement for the period up to one year Free Free
Account statement for the period more than one year Free Free
Closed account statement 10.00 5.00
Confirmation letter about an existence of an account, account balance 5.00 Free
Provision of the information upon request to the audit 5.00 Free
Provision of payment account or merchant account statement upon the Client’s request Free Free
Additional fee for the urgent response (within two business hours from the moment of the submission of the request) 10.00 5.00
Data change in the Client profile Free Free
Other enquiries upon the Client’s request 10.00 5.00
Dispatch of the documents by post Free
+ actual costs
+ actual costs
Issuing copies of archived documents 5.00 Free
Execution of the orders issued by the law enforcement authorities
Acceptance to execute the acts issued by the law enforcement authorities Free Free
Execution of the orders issued by the law enforcement authorities Free Free
SWIFT correspondence from the Bank of Lithuania Free Free


Incoming payments to the Payment Account in Walletto in EUR Business Consumer
Incoming SEPA payments Free Free
Incoming Non-SEPA payments 5.00€ + 0.05% 5.00
Additional fee for incoming payments when processed by a payment service provider other than Walletto (in the context of acquiring of payments) Free Free
Internal payments Free Free
Outgoing payments to another payment service provider
SEPA payments Free Free
Non-SEPA payments 10.00€ + 0.05% 10.00
Additional services
Investigation, cancellation and modification of conditions of outgoing payment, investigation of the expected and incoming payment 5.00
+ actual costs
+ actual costs
Issuance of the certified SWIFT copy to the Client 5.00 5.00
Cancellation of internal payment to the Client Free Free
Return of an incoming payment upon the Client's request 5.00 5.00
Processing of payments
Incoming payment processing with inaccurate details of the payee (beneficiary) 5.00 5.00
Non-cash currency exchange In accordance with Walletto approved exchange rate, without any commission

Card issuing and management

Business Consumer
Issuing of a virtual card 5.00 FreeNemokamai
Issuing of a plastic card 10.00 FreeNemokamai
Card Delivery (N/A for virtual cards) FreeNemokamai FreeNemokamai
Monthly service commission per card 5.00 FreeNemokamai
ATM balance enquiry 0.70 FreeNemokamai
ATM disbursement 2.50€ + 1.6% 1.00€ + 0.5%
POS transaction FreeNemokamai FreeNemokamai
Account funding (card-to-card) fee 1.50 0.50
FX mark up**** 3% 1%
Chargeback handling fee per one chargeback 20.00 FreeNemokamai


Transactions cost Business
Rate 1%
Transaction fee for EU card

Transaction fee for non-EU card
Fixed cost 0.05
Transaction fee for EU card

Transaction fee for non-EU card
Refund and reversal fee 0.50
Chargeback processing fee 35.00
VISA’s Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) Service****** 5.00
MasterCom Collaboration fee****** 35.00
Onboarding fee per MID Free
Monthly monitoring fee Free
MODEL How Deposit and Pay-outs will be made 0-10%
From monthly turnover on 180 days - rolling service
MODEL How Pay-out will be freezed and released Subject to individual agreement
SEPA payments Free
for payment in EUR
Non-SEPA payments 5.00€ + 0.05%
for payment in EUR
Card issuance products (distribution, co-brand, BIN sponsorship) Subject to an individual agreement
* The commission is calculated daily for the actual balance of funds in the account at the end of the day by applying the following formula: account balance*0.5% / 360. The commission is charged monthly at the last day of the month.
** In accordance with Clause 10.2 of the General Terms and Conditions, we are entitled to charge the Client an Account termination fee if the Client is a Consumer and/or a Business Client that we consider to be a low or medium risk and the Client initiates the termination of the Contract for Payment Services within 6 (six) months of the conclusion of the Contract. We are also entitled to apply this fee in accordance with Clause 10.3 of the General Terms and Conditions, i.e. in all cases where we consider the Business Client to be high risk.
*** In accordance with Clause 10.8 of the General Terms and Conditions we are entitled to charge the Client with an Inactive account maintenance fee if the account has not been active more than 12 (twelve) months. Please note that the fee shall be calculated on a monthly basis.
**** Applicable only for the transactions in non-EUR currencies.
***** Due to the nature and essence of the service the acquiring of payments is provided to Business Clients only.
****** Valid from 13 October 2023.
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